If your website is generating significantly less traffic than normal, then your website may have incurred a Google penalty. We help you recover from this loss of traffic and get your site back in the search results so you can get back to doing business.

We Recover Your Website from Google Penalties

Google, in a bid to provide better refined search results, has so far released a series of algorithm updates, with two major turning points in the history of the search engine being Panda and Penguin.

Although these updates worked in favour of high quality websites and enhanced their predominance in search results; millions of websites got penalised for varied reasons while thousands were blacklisted.

I’ve Lost My Rankings. Why Does My Website Have A Google Penalty?

If your website’s search ranking has been affected by any of Google’s updates, it is important to find out the root cause in order to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the future. Unethical search engine optimisation techniques such as creating unnatural links, keyword stuffing, and other such malpractices can easily get your website penalized.

However, besides rolling back the actions that are non-compliant with Google’s Quality Guidelines, you also need to ensure that only ethical SEO tactics are followed in the future. Here’s more information about Google’s Penguin Penalty.

How do we recover your website from a Google penalty?

If your website has suffered a Google Penguin, Panda, or Hummingbird penalty, it can’t be ignored. Unlike normal Penguin’s or Panda’s, this is not a cute situation.

If your website is hit with a penalty you will notice an obvious drop in traffic and online conversions and this negative impact needs to be resolved professionally.

To recover your website, we first analyse the problem using a variety of professional SEO tools to discover the depth of the penalty.

After the discovery period, it’s hands on and we use manual labour to get the problem sorted including disavowing negative back links from third party websites which often is the primary root of the problem.

Once we are done, your love for Penguin’s and Panda’s will return. We guarantee it.

We have Proven Results and We Can Recover Your Website Traffic

Our first step is going to be diagnosing the type of penalty you have received from Google. Once this is identified we can move forward by recovering from the penalty. Once your website is stable from a penalty we can get started on Search Engine Optimisation which will make a true difference to the edge you have over competitors.

The most likely reasons that your site has been penalised are due to the amount of unnatural back links pointing to your website and duplicate website content which is currently harming your business. This does not necessarily mean all of your back links and content is illegitimate, but we identify the good links and the links that are coming from spammy sites which are doing your website harm.

Don’t delay. We can get your web site traffic back.

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