SEO Strategy

It’s our strategic approach to SEO that will give you a tangible edge over your competitors and you will notice our dedication right from the get-go.

SEO Technique

We use the latest SEO techniques to make your website rank #1 and with over 14 years experience we have proven results spanning multiple industries.

SEO Creativity

It’s our creative thinking and attitude that sets us apart from our competitors with over 25 years experience in advanced business development.

SEO Trust

Our customers trust us because they know we’re a branch of their business. Everything we do is to help our customers increase their revenue.

Get More Traffic And Leads With An SEO Optimised Website

If you’re ready to receive a steady flow of consistent organic traffic to your website, SEO iQ has the technical know-how and proven experience to rank your website and keep you there.

Getting to the first page on search engines in your chosen profession just doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a carefully structured web site that complies with modern web standards, with perfectly crafted content, and is responsive across all devices including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The techniques used to rank high across search engines, is often referred to in the industry as SEO, or “Search Engine Optimisation”.

We have helped many businesses rank 1st on Google, Bing and Yahoo for various keyword and key phrase search terms spanning many industries. These include various trades services, machinery and equipment suppliers, construction industry services, professional service, limousine services, and much more with “big money” keywords.

Proven SEO results spanning multiple industries in all Australian capital cities

SEOiQ has proven results in SEO and have consistently achieved top rankings for our clients and who now rank in the top 3 search results of Google and other search engines for over 200 major keywords including Forklifts, Kitchen Renovations, Scrap Metal Collection, Online SMS, Bathroom Renovations, and Builders, just to name a few.

These big money keyword rankings on Google can generate over 30 additional enquiries per day, and we can deliver the same top organic SEO results for your business.

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Important SEO Ranking FactorsNo. 1 Position in Google Gets 33% of Search Traffic

Let’s look at it from a personal perspective. What do we all do when we search for keywords or a key-phrase and see a site ranked number 1, 2, or 3 on Google (or your favourite search engine)?

We click the link. It’s a natural process… we all do it and we don’t even think about it.

The first rankings on Google often means the best result that you were looking for, and we all know this from user experience, so why shouldn’t your business reap the rewards of being within the top results on Google in your industry?

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How do we help your website rank across major search engines?

Search engines are focusing their algorithm changes towards one specific thing, and that is relevance as search engines including Google want to assure that their users are receiving relevant search results.

We analyse your website from the perspective of design, content, usability, and functionality and evaluate its effectiveness as a sales tool.

We then leverage our knowledge and expertise with current internet marketing trends and provide recommendations for content updates, enhancements and new features which involves an initial consultation, a detailed strategy, and an action plan to get your website on the path to success with established website rankings and an optimised website that is compatible across all devices.

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Comprehensive Range of Search Engine Optimisation Services

We understand the complexities of SEO and are 100% dedicated to helping you get premium results so you can start getting consistent traffic to your website. If you believe your business should be #1, then let us help you get there.

The first step to making your business rank in organic search results is to optimise various aspects of your website with perfect on-page optimisation so you can achieve stable long-term rankings.

Get Your SEO Audit Report Worth $249 for FREE

Get a FREE SEO Report for your business website and start your way to getting a tangible edge over your competitors. We will analyse your website and let you know how we can improve your rankings.

Just some of the technologies we use to make your website rank first on Google

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