We love building websites that rank our customers #1 on Google and we’re ready to take your business to the next level in sales conversions. We’ve been building websites spanning multiple industries in Australia since 2001.

We Build Content Enriched Websites That Rank On Search Engines

SEOiQ produces modern and responsive websites that meet the deadline. Whatever the level of functionality you require, it can be provided at a competitive price. We tailor web site packages to suit your business needs, whether it’s an online brochure or an eCommerce web portal with shopping cart functionality.

When we build websites for our customers we dig deep to understand their business. We have worked with many of our clients for over 10 years who keep coming back. I think that says a lot about a business and we want to work in a long term relationship building your website, improving your search engine rankings, and looking after your website requirements.

5 Reasons to Choose SEOiQ For Your Website Development


Modern Designed Websites Using the Latest Technologies

We build websites that visitors want to interact with and provide informative content that is designed with the utmost precision so your website will engage with visitors.

All websites are built by expert designers and coders and can be setup with a Content Management Solution so you can manage all site content including text and images.

We are experts in the following platforms and technologies:


Search Engine Optimised Websites That Will Outrank Your Competitors

Our websites are built and optimised for search engine ranking from the very beginning.

We achieve this by strategic planning and with years of expertise understanding Google’s rules and metrics so that your website and all content including images and video offers the highest value to the user, and search engines.

Great things will happen to your rankings when we build and optimise your new website because based on our track record we currently rank over 200 keywords in top 3 positions of Google and other search engines including Bing and Yahoo with the majority of these keywords and search phrases with first place rankings.


We Build Smartphone & Tablet Friendly Websites

With over 60% of searches initiated on mobile phones and tablets it’s imperative that your website is compatible to all devices to provide the best user experience for your users and customers.

Research conducted by Gartner Research suggest that over 50% of users are likely to visit another website if a website they are viewing is not mobile responsive.

As well as being compatible with all desktop browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer, our websites are fully compatible with Smartphones including Android and iPhone and are also compatible with all tablet computers including iPad’s.


Our Core Difference

Our core difference is “business knowledge” with over 20 years experience in business development expertise and know how.

We consider ourselves as website experts in Australia and we have been tinkering with websites since 1996 and officially built our first website in 2000.

Even at that early stage of the building websites, we always made design and SEO a major priority even before SEO was coined as an industry term.

We help build your business, not just your website

The following mobile responsive websites are just a handful of websites we have developed for our customers utilising HTML, eCommerce platforms, and Open Source Content Management Systems.

Easy To Use Content Management Solutions

Our Content Management Systems enable our customers to change their own content including text, images and video as they require using easy to use CMS platforms including WordPress, Concrete5 and Joomla.

We can also assist you with regularly update your website to ensure your customers know exactly what you have on offer. The more you improve your website’s performance and change your content, the higher your rankings. That’s because Google and other search engines recognise when you have made a changes to your site and want to recognise and list these changes.

These updates could include adding new products / services, special offers, changes to contact information, awards and news, and employment opportunities just to name a few.

We Use The Ultimate Website Tools To Build Your New Website

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